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Pruune Consulting Ltd, Ireland was setup in August 2017 based on 15+ years procurement industry experience with the intention of sharing this knowledge, process, experience with Irish, European and Global organizations. 


Our service includes a comprehensive business consultation to help identify gaps and opportunities, a comprehensive report that includes a project plan with timelines and milestones, a cost analysis, payback period and a schedule. We also offer procurement consulting, supply chain consulting and logistics consulting and this will enable your company achieve profit quickly and sustainably. That’s how we ensure your success. 


We have articles covering procurement best practices, market research, commodity strategy, sales and operation planning, connected planning, inventory management, block chain technology in supply chain, impact of Brexit. 

Mission Statement

Our core mission is to make our customers more profitable by reducing their operational costs. By doing this we aim to exceed the exception of our customers and to be the easiest company to work with. 

Company Policy

Covers key areas including - integrity, customer engagement, customer satisfaction and consistently delivering on projects. 


As an Irish based company, we are a member of  ISME - Irish Small and Medium Enterprises, Dublin Chamber of Commerce and Business Networking Academy. 

Pruune's Memberships


About Our CEO



Bassey Duke, the Founder & CEO of Pruune has a diverse background in procurement, logistics and supply chain. He holds an MBA from DIT (Ireland) and an MEng in Mechanical Engineering from Loughborough University (UK). He is currently a member of the John Maxwell team, which is the largest leadership development program in the world. John Maxwell has been voted numerous times as the #1 Leadership Guru in the world.  

Before Pruune

Prior to setting up Pruune in 2017, Bassey has over 15+ years experience at senior positions in Global multinationals including Amcor, Eaton, IMI Plc and Motorola. Bassey has led regional/global teams in procurement, logistics and supply chain. Over the course of his career, Bassey has delivered over 30 million Euros savings based on the projects he has led and implemented.  


Bassey actively volunteers in various organizations. 

1. Past Social Media Officer of the  Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS) Republic of Ireland branch. 

2. Past Committee member of the Eastern Chapter, MBA Association of Ireland (Eastern Chapter).

3. Current Vice Chairman of the Eastern Section, Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transportation Ireland.

4. Current Co-Lead of the Media and Communications Department at St Mark's Church, Dublin.


We were awarded with the coveted Business All-Star Accreditation at Croke Park. We were also shortlisted for all Ireland Business awards. It is an independently verified standard mark for businesses based on rigorous selection criteria; performance, trust and customer centricity. #businessallstars @BizAllStars  

Pruune's Awards


Our CEOs Speaking Engagements

MBA Association Ireland

In May 2018, Bassey spoke at the MBA association of Ireland event on the topic of Brexit.  His talk was focused around the potential Logistics challenges with Brexit for Irish importers/exporters and what steps companies can take to mitigate these challenges. The MBA association of Ireland represents over 6,000 MBA graduates who reside in Ireland.

Link - https://www.mbaassociation.ie/news/brexit-a-logistics-perspective

Engineering Summit

In May 2018, Bassey gave a talk at the National Engineering Summit at City West, Dublin on the topic of  How can I award the right vendor from my sourcing event. This talk was focused on how to structure the vendor selection process to achieve the intended result of selecting the best fit supplier. This summit is an event held quarterly and attended by over 4,000 Irish professionals.

Link - http://engineeringsummit.ie/speaker/bassey-duke-ceo-founder-pruune-consulting-ltd-ireland/

1-2-1 Supply Chain Excellence Summit

In November 2011, Bassey was invited to speak and be part of a panel discussion at the 1-2-1 Supply Chain Excellence Summit held in Birmingham on the topic of how to optimize the supply chain in a changing business landscape. The presentation was centered around sharing the learning and achievements in Bassey's Supply Chain role at IMI Plc. This event was attended by senior supply chain directors from different industries.

Link - http://www.logisticsmanager.com/17329-how-intel-boosted-supply-chain-response-times/

Supply Chain and Logistics Event

In February 2013, Bassey addressed the participants at the annual Supply Chain and Logistics event on the topic of cost savings levers in procurement. This address shared the approach, results and learning from key procurement projects lead by Bassey. This event was attended by directors in supply chain and logistics.

Link - https://supplychainlogisticsevent.wordpress.com/2013/02/07/live-sclevent-unilever-and-imi-plc/

Link - https://www.slideshare.net/SCLEvent/bassey-duke-group-logistics-manager-at-imi

Richmond Events

In March 2013, Bassey shared a presentation at the Supply Chain Forum on the topic of taking care of the pennies – mastering effective cost reduction. Richmond events hold two Supply Chain events every year and the attendees are directors within the supply chain function. 

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