Who is affected by Brexit


Companies who buy goods from the UK


Companies who sell goods to the UK


Companies and Hauliers who move goods through the UK (via the UK land bridge) into or from Europe

Checklist for Traders

1. Assess whether your business trades with the UK or moves goods through the UK

a. Check whether your business buys goods from the UK.

b. Check whether your business sells goods into the UK.

c. Check with your freight provider whether your goods get shipped through the UK into the European Union.

2. Register your business with the national customs authority

a. Register your business with the national customs authority if you have not done so for trading with non-EU 27 countries.

3. Assess whether your business will still want to trade with the UK.

a. Human capacity – Staff trained in customs matters.

b. Technical capacity – IT systems and others.

c. Customs authority - For special procedures (storage, processing or for goods under the “specific use” rule).

4. Inquire with your national customs authority about the existing customs simplification and facilitation that is available for your company.

a. Simplification for transit procedures.

b. Comprehensive guarantees, with reduced amounts or waivers.

c. Simplification for placing orders under customs procedures.

5. Consider applying for AEO status (Authorized Economic Operator) from your national customs authority.

a. It certifies that an economic operator has met certain standards in relation to: safety and security, systems to manage commercial records, compliance with customs rules, financial solvency and practical standards of competence or professional qualifications.

6. If you are registered for the VAT Mini-One-Stop-Shop in the UK, REGISTER in an EU27 Member State.

7. If you have paid VAT in the UK in 2018, SUBMIT your VAT refund claims sufficiently in advance of the withdrawal date for them to be processed before that date.

8. TALK to your business partners (suppliers, intermediaries, carriers) as Brexit might also impact your supply chain.


Information to support preparation for brexit

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