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Why is BREXIT important to Irish companies?

  • Figures from the Small Firm Association shows that only 8% of Irish companies have a plan in place and are prepared for BREXIT.

  • In 2017 (CSO data), 27,152 companies imported goods from the UK and 6,719 companies exported goods into the UK.
    * The value of goods imported from the UK into Ireland in 2017 was approximately 22.5Bn Euros.

Businesses impacted by Brexit are companies

  • Sell into the UK
  • Buy goods from the UK
  • Transport goods via the UK into Ireland and or into the EU

This is a meetup group to provide information (free & paid) to businesses so that they first understand what the impact of BREXIT on their business, present options to mitigate or reduce the impact of BREXIT and implement the recommendations to ensure that there is minimal to no disruption to businesses.

This group is aimed at providing information to SMEs and Corporates on how to plan for BREXIT. Members need to be business owners, entrepreneurs, decisions makers within their respective company to implement the recommendations given within this group.

There is over 30 years worth of experience within the group to share with members.