Course Location

Pruune Consulting Ltd, Suite 10, Plaza 256, Blanchardstown Corporate Park 2, Ballycoolin, Dublin 15, ireland.

Course Duration

Full Day

Course Qualification

Course completion certificate.

Detailed Course Description

How do you know when you’ve connected well with other people? They go out of their way for you. They speak favourably about you. They bond with you emotionally and communicate openly. They trust you. They exhibit positive energy toward you and enjoy being around you. Connecting meaningfully with others pays big dividends. People with warm connections face less conflict and enjoy their relationships more. However, forming such links with others requires cutting through the barrage of signals and messages that bombard everyone daily. That means becoming an effective communicator, a skill you can teach yourself – and you’ll be glad you learned it.

Course Deliverable

· 5 connecting principles

· 5 connecting practices

Course Benefits

The course offers practical actions and principles to enable you connect better with your audience. It is aimed at improving your communication with your audience.


· Connecting increases your influence in every situation.

· Connecting is all about others.

· Connecting goes beyond words.

· Connecting always requires energy.

· Connecting is more skill than natural talent.

· Connectors connect on common ground.

· Connectors do the difficult work of keeping it simple.

· Connectors create an experience everyone enjoys.

· Connectors inspire people.

· Connectors live what they communicate.

Course Price

Face to Face - 199 (excl. VAT) Euros per attendee

Online - 99 (excl. VAT) Euros per attendee

At the Customer's premises - TBD

Customer Review

Michelle Keegan, CEO, Mini Trinity Creche Malahide

I found your conduct very professional and very informative.  You presented yourself very confidently and you thoroughly are knowledgeable & skillful in this regard.  You are pleasant, friendly, polite and very helpful.  Overall, I really enjoyed the experience and the results of the DISC assessment.  Myself and my staff were excited to be part of this new experience and I would recommend this personality assessment to any company no matter how big or small in employee numbers.

Orla McLaughlin, CEO Health by Orla

I attended Bassey's Leadership and growth event on Tuesday 19th Feb. at his co-working space (Pine Hub) and I was delighted I did. I met like-minded people and I learned a lot in terms of challenges i 


Bassey's course is an eye-opener in that pain and stretching experiences are real times of growth. Bassey brings his rich life and leadership experience to the teaching.  

Rita Abi Khalil

The speaker showed a deep understanding about the role of emotions in our life and Why we have to understand it, manage it and never deny it.

Tonya M

The class touched on 2 paths that we all have faced or will face in our careers and/or personal lives. Bassey, you not only covered the materials perfectly, but you also left room to have your folks inquire about the masterclass and DISC 


It was well presented and Bassey clearly knows his information & knowledge. I am glad I came. and I've learnt alot in a short time span.

Vanessa Kilcullen

I felt very comfortable, the information was well delivered, easy to listen to an engaged very well with the crowd.

Leyla Karaha, CEO Bridge

It was a relaxing and safe space environment. It was great, I learnt a lot. The content was clear and I could relate with it. 

Orla McGing

The environment was very comfortable, a safe space. Extremely well presented and thought provoking.

Jane Igharo

It was thought provoking, but no right or wrong answer so felt comfortable sharing. Very well presented and was a nice intimate session. 

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