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Dalos Electronics, Shenzhen 

Dalos Electronics, Pruune Consulting Ltd, King Solution, Three company business cooperation. We met in Shenzhen, and have smooth two-day conference. Bassey has great energy in work and he is good at organizing and negotiation. We have long business connection from then on.

Luke Bastin, Founder Luke Bastin SEO Marketing

A very impressive outfit.


Mini Trinity Montessori, Dublin

I found your conduct very professional and very informative.  You presented yourself very confidently and you thoroughly are knowledgeable & skillful in this regard.  You are pleasant, friendly, polite and very helpful.  Overall, I really enjoyed the experience and the results of the DISC assessment.  Myself and my staff were excited to be part of this new experience and I would recommend this personality assessment to any company no matter how big or small in employee numbers.


Orla Mc Laughlin, Founder Health By Orla

I attended Bassey's Leadership and growth event on Tuesday 19th Feb. at his co-working space (Pine Hub) and I was delighted I did. I met like-minded people and I learned a lot in terms of challenges in business and strategies to overcome these. I look forward to the next events.

Leyla Karaha

It was a relaxing and safe space environment. It was great, I learnt a lot. The content was clear and I could relate with it.

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