Course Location

Pruune Consulting Ltd, Suite 10, Plaza 256, Blanchardstown Corporate Park 2, Ballycoolin, Dublin 15, ireland.

Course Duration

Two Days

Course Qualification

Course completion certificate.

Detailed Course Description

This course lays out 10 principles of leadership and team building. Leaders are not born; instead, they develop their skills throughout a lifetime of practice. The course builds up on the following - show people you care by leading from the heart, your attitude sets your expectations plus your success, leaders inspire others to perform well consistently, don't wait for inspiration to take action, develop the discipline to tackle work plus problems systematically, focus 80% of your efforts on the top 20% of your priorities, don't let routine activities swallow your time, delegate unimportant tasks, encourage plus mentor other leaders in your organization, if you bring others into the goal-setting process, they will own the vision along with you and change is hard but to achieve it your have to explain the need for it to your followers. 

Course Deliverable

The course teaches the five successive components of leadership; each one depends upon the one that precedes it.

  1. Position: People follow because they have to.
  2. Permission: People follow because they want to.  
  3. Production: People follow because of what you have done for the organization.
  4. People development: People follow because of what you have done for them.
  5. Personhood: People follow because of who you are.

Course Benefits

This course is designed for beginning managers who want to learn leadership and for experienced ones who want to progress farther. No matter what arena you are called to-- family, church, business, nonprofit--the principles shared will positively impact your own life and the lives of those around you.


  • The definition of leadership: Influence
  • The key to leadership: Priorities
  • The foundation of leadership: Character
  • The ultimate test of leadership: Creating positive change
  • The quickest way to gain leadership: Problem solving
  • The extra plus in leadership: Attitude
  • The heart of leadership: Serving people
  • The indispensable quality of leadership: Vision
  • The price tag of leadership: Self discipline
  • The expansion of leadership: Personal growth

Course Price

Face to Face - 399 (excl. VAT) Euros per attendee

Online - 199 (excl. VAT) Euros per attendee

At the Customer's premises - TBD

Customer Review

Michelle Keegan, CEO, Mini Trinity Creche Malahide

I found your conduct very professional and very informative.  You presented yourself very confidently and you thoroughly are knowledgeable & skillful in this regard.  You are pleasant, friendly, polite and very helpful.  Overall, I really enjoyed the experience and the results of the DISC assessment.  Myself and my staff were excited to be part of this new experience and I would recommend this personality assessment to any company no matter how big or small in employee numbers.

Orla McLaughlin, CEO Health by Orla

I attended Bassey's Leadership and growth event on Tuesday 19th Feb. at his co-working space (Pine Hub) and I was delighted I did. I met like-minded people and I learned a lot in terms of challenges i 


Bassey's course is an eye-opener in that pain and stretching experiences are real times of growth. Bassey brings his rich life and leadership experience to the teaching.  

Rita Abi Khalil

The speaker showed a deep understanding about the role of emotions in our life and Why we have to understand it, manage it and never deny it.

Tonya M

The class touched on 2 paths that we all have faced or will face in our careers and/or personal lives. Bassey, you not only covered the materials perfectly, but you also left room to have your folks inquire about the masterclass and DISC 

Leyla Karaha, CEO Bridge

It was a relaxing and safe space environment. It was great, I learnt a lot. The content was clear and I could relate with it. 

Orla McGing

The environment was very comfortable, a safe space. Extremely well presented and thought provoking.

Jane Igharo

It was thought provoking, but no right or wrong answer so felt comfortable sharing. Very well presented and was a nice intimate session. 

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