Course Location

Pruune Consulting Ltd, Suite 10, Plaza 256, Blanchardstown Corporate Park 2, Ballycoolin, Dublin 15.

Course Duration

8 hours.

Course Qualification

Course completion certificate.

Detailed Course Description

The course introduces businesses to the basic key concepts around negotiation. The course will cover the five key approaches to negotiation – compromise, bargaining, coercion, emotion and logical reasoning. It will also cover some basic contracting terms for post the negotiation process.

Course Deliverables

The course will give learners an introduction to negotiation. It will give the learners practical steps to prepare for negotiations and the case studies will allow the learners to experience different scenarios which they may face in a negotiation environment. 

Course Benefits

This course is designed for non-procurement professionals who have to negotiate as part of their job and want to get an introduction into being able to negotiate to improve the company’s buyer position leading to savings and better contractual terms.


Introduction to Procurement

Introduction to Negotiation

Key approaches to Negotiation

Case Study 1

Phases of Negotiation

Building a profile of yourself

Preparation and Planning

Contractual Terms (basic)

Course Price

350 Euros (excl. VAT) per delegate.

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18th January 2020 session


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