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What is Procurement

Procurement and supply management involves buying the goods and services that enable an organisation to operate in a profitable and ethical manner. Responsibilities vary from sourcing raw materials and services to managing contracts and relationships with suppliers. Procurement is often responsible for up to 70% of companies' revenue, so small reductions in costs can have a huge impact on profits. 

Source - Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS)

Our Experience

We are passionate about helping companies increase their profitability. Simply put, companies can increase their profitability either by reducing their costs or increasing their sales. We believe reducing costs is more sustainable, increases competitiveness and supports increased sales.

After 15 years working in different industries for global multi-nationals, leading global and regional teams in procurement, logistics and supply chain teams, Pruune Consulting Ltd was created. Pruune was created with the vision of leveraging all the gained experiences in procurement, logistics and supply chain to empower companies to achieve profitability.  

We achieve profit for companies primarily through coaching companies and or companies outsourcing their business requirements to us. We have a track record of delivering results and our scope includes - procurement, logistics, supply chain, project management and change management. 

Why Us?

Business consultants are key as they are an extension of your business — that’s why when it comes to your supplier selection, we want to be your supplier of choice. 

We believe our business consulting based on our experience, savings achievements, customer focus and drive for excellence sets up apart from the rest.

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Procurement Consulting


Our philosophy on Procurement is to maximize the "price" and the "consumption" benefits enabling us to maximize the benefits for our customers. We use the purchase price variance methodology to achieve price reduction and we use various optimization tools to achieve commodity consumption spend reduction. Our procurement consulting covers eight key steps which includes -

1. Spend analysis

2. Category Management

3. Sourcing Event

4. Contracts support and life cycle management

5. Supplier implementation and change management

6. Supplier relationship management

7. Supplier performance management

8. Supplier innovation

We have advanced procurement tools covering bench-marking, negotiations, request for information, request for quotation, request for proposal, e-auction, contracts, key performance indicators, Value Add Value Engineering (VAVE), data analytics, savings calculations, network optimization, etc.

Logistics Consulting


Our Logistics approach is to understand and continually monitor the market to enable use to maximize the value we bring to customers. This involves monitoring key indices (fuel, rates, labor, drivers, etc.) and key market trends.  This enables us to be ideally placed to make the right recommendations to our customers on how to go to market (re-negotiation, RFQ, e-auction), when to launch your sourcing event, what suppliers to invite to the event, what size of supplier (share of wallet) by supplier revenue to invite to the event, how to run the sourcing event, etc leading to maximized results.

Our scope covers – freight, warehousing and customs. 

Our freight experience includes – road (less than truck load, partials and full truck load), air freight (standard, premium, first), ocean freight (less than container load, full container load, buyer’s consolidation), multimodal (rail, short sea, RORO), parcel (standard, express). We partner with 3PL and asset-based freight providers and have access to competitive rates covering all the modes.

Our warehousing experience includes – sourcing an external warehouse for your business needs, renegotiate terms on your current warehousing lease, in-source vs outsource analysis leading to a warehousing strategy and managing the decision for the customer.

Our customs experience includes – AEO certification (AEOC, AEOS and AEOF), preparing for Brexit (import/export implications).

We have access to Anaplan which is an advanced

connected planning tools to deliver maximized benefits to

your business.

Supply Chain Consulting


Our Supply Chain experience enables us first understand your business process by creating a value stream maps to capture the "current state". This enables us to understand the current situation and once this has been achieved, we work with you to propose what the "future" and or "ideal state" should be. This is typically a mixture of what you wants inline with the industry best practice. 

From experience, supply chain projects involve a lot of project and change management to go from current state to future state. We use the ADKAR® change management methodology with our customer to be successful with change going through the various phases of change – Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability and Re-enforcement.

Our scope for supply chain covers – inventory management, sales and operation planning, rough capacity planning, forecasting accuracy, excess and obsolescence, increasing first pick availability, new product introduction/old product phase out, etc.

Through one of our partners, we have access to the complete suite of Anaplan supply chain products, articles and white papers.

China Sourcing Consulting


We have  experience in sourcing from China covering services (freight + customs), raw material and finished products. Our sourcing experience has involved engaging and developing a supplier base in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, China. 

Through our sourcing projects, we have successfully delivered over 30% savings, managed the supplier to achieve the agreed key performance indicators i.e. product quality in-line with the agreed specification, product lead time (manufacturing + freight) and supplier innovation.

Based on our sourcing experience in China, we have developed a robust New Product Introduction program for sourcing products from China and a Chinese sourcing program for sourcing raw material and finished goods.

Project Management


 eIf you need us to roll up our sleeves and lead projects on your behalf, we have the experience. 

We will spend time to understand your business, business goals, stakeholders, project goals (deliverable), project budget and project scope. We will  create a detailed project plan (Gantt chart), with budget and resources to be signed off on before project commencement. 

Once the project has been signed off, we will have a project kick off meeting with the stakeholders to commence the project. This introduction meeting is to ensure there is alignment across the different stakeholder groups.

We believe the keys to a successful project is communication, team work, stakeholder management, supplier management and a realistic plan.

Our project management scope includes procurement, logistics and or supply chain.

Change Management


As practitioners of change, we have use the  ADKAR® change management methodology.

This methodology emphasizes that change occurs and is sustainable when it goes through the phases of

1. Awareness of the need to change

2. Desire to support and take part in the change

3. Knowledge of how to change

4. Ability to implement change

5. Re-enforcement to sustain the change